This is the first time we have built a fully custom home, and essentially we would say every aspect of the process was seamless. Kevin and Kelvin do an excellent job providing consultation and drawing upon their decades of construction experience in every aspect of the process. From designing the initial floor plan to recommending best practices, and providing recommendations on areas to reduce as wells not reduce cost. The end result is a home that exceeded our expectations and was completed sooner than we expected, within our budget.

Kevin and Kelvin treated us like we were their only customer, they are extremely responsive, and the entire transaction was built on trust. There was not even an ounce of doubt in our mind that we selected the correct builder. Kevin and Kelvin provided us the flexibility we needed when periodic changes arose. There is a ton to consider when building a fully custom home and K&K helped us outline due dates and had us work with their exceptional sub-contractors and vendors to guide us through each aspect of the building process. We love the look of the custom woodwork (built-ins, custom mantles, stairway railings, booth seating etc.) our house has all of this, and of the builders, we initially reviewed K&K hands down had the most unique and highest quality custom woodwork and detailed finishes. It became clear throughout the process that these finished turned out so well because of K&K's unmatched attention to detail.

Every aspect of our home is exactly what we wanted, we are "quality over quantity" people and K&K is an extremely high-quality builder, they demonstrated that they commit the time and effort needed to do things properly. If you are looking for a trustworthy builder who truly takes pride in their work, K&K is the way to go.

Ryan & Molly K
From our first conversations with K&K Homes to the final details of the building process it was clear that they took pride in building our home.  Through our discussions, planning, and various ideas for future projects within the home Kevin and Kelvin were always open and honest and helped achieve exactly what we wanted.  There were no surprises or unexpected bills and everything was straightforward and clear throughout the building process.  Now that we are in our home, we are seeing firsthand the quality workmanship and materials K&K utilizes and strived for throughout the process.  We now take great pride in welcoming friends and family into our home and showing them the beautiful home that K&K Homes built for us.
Brad Y

We absolutely love our K & K Home! From the first moment we walked in, we knew this was THE ONE--bright, cheery open floor plan; deluxe trim, finishes and fixtures; the thoughtful layout; and the wonderful design touches by Abbey! We wanted to finish the basement before closing, and Kevin and Kelvin really came through on the design and in the execution. We are thrilled that we purchased a K & K Home.

John & Bev

I would highly recommend K&K Homes, their attention to detailed workmanship and customer satisfaction is outstanding.

Beth A

Overall, I highly recommend K & K as a builder. They do what they say they are going to do, and most importantly, they do it on-time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Proud K & K Homeowner, David & Jen

Since Moving into our house, K & K has also provided better-than-expected "service after the sale." The minor issues we did come across were fixed quickly. A couple weeks before we moved into our new house they noticed that 2 of the outside doors were slightly damaged. Another builder may have cosmetically hid the damage, but K & K replaced both doors which ended up costing them over $1,500. This is the level of service and quality you can expect from K & K.

Responsiveness. Throughout the building process, we talked almost every day with them on details and changes to the current plan. We quickly memorized their cell phone numbers as we called on nights and weekends when necessary. We were continually pleased with quick responses.

Flexibility. We ended up buying one of their spec homes that was about 75% done. So we ended up customizing many aspects of our house, primarily finishing the lower level. Kevin & Kelvin worked with us on every detail and change to ensure we got what we wanted. They continually said, "We just want you to have the house that you want."

Small, thoughtful builder. K & K consists of two guys that wanted to make an impression on homeowners. Both, Kevin and Kelvin, are down-to-earth, family-oriented people that strive to exceed buyers' expectations.

Quality. Touring through the open house it was obvious that this was the driving theme on houses they build. One example of this is the 2"x6" construction (instead of the typical 2"x"4) which has increased the energy efficiency rating on their homes.

We spent a lot of time deciding on which new house to buy. We looked at dozens of houses and different builders. Finally, we walked into an open house that K & K was holding one Sunday afternoon. We quickly fell in love with the floor plan and then began to find out more about the house and the builder. Here are some of the reasons we decided to buy a K & K home.

We live in a K & K home and we really like our new home. We love the entry to the home because you are out of the weather. I have a physically handicap child. They changed out the doors for him making it a lot easier for him to get around. The workmanship on this home is great. They do a lot of extras that you will not find with other builders. The cabinets are a lot better quality than you will find in this area for the price you will pay. They are also open to your suggestions and very easy to work with. We called them once with a problem and they were here 20 minutes later to fix it. We couldn't believe it. Most of the time you will find that the smaller companies will give you better service. K & K will really go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy in your home.

Robin and Brenda

This home simply was the best constructed, energy efficient home available that we looked at during our whirlwind tour of various Des Moines suburbs. One of the many bonuses in this purchase was the attention to detail that K&K puts into the home. They really take pride in what they build. Their homes are not the "cookie cutter" designs that we saw with other builders. K&K's homes have the same look and feel that a custom built home has. Kelvin and Kevin are a pleasure to work with. Any and all concerns are handled in a professional and timely manner with the customer always a priority. We would highly recommend K&K Homes to anyone looking for a new home, you won't be disappointed.

Lee and Kimberly

I purchased the Rosewood model. This is a lovely, well- constructed home with thoughtful upgrades and impeccable styling.

More importantly, this reputable builder has been a joy to work with for instantly ironing out the minuscule kinks involved with any quality construction. I highly recommend this energy- efficient builder with the eye for grand style.